music zone
Welcome 2 my personal music site! this is were i just review, fanboy, and scream about edgy music. My favorite genres are rock, gothic, emo, or anything with rhythm in it.
also stan loona & support chuu's solo career
btw... im the ONLY franz frediand fan in the
literally anyone else who likes em is dead
plz support the alex kapranos mindset and listen to The Dark Of The Matinee
TOP 10 BANDS (hover)

1. My Chemical Romance
2. Fallout boy
3. Franz Frediand
4. The Cure
5. Maximum The Hormone
6. Sunny Day Real Estate
7. Abandoned pools
8. The Pavement
9. Strawberry Switchblade
10. The Vincent Black Shadow
(honerable mentions: Muse, jack off jill, the killers, jimmy eat world)

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